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Our Journey

Plymouth City Council has made massive strides in leading the growth and regeneration of the city over recent years. This has helped achieve significant outcomes for its citizens in terms of improvements to the economy, wellbeing of local people and place-shaping. At the same time, the Council has also dramatically improved the focus, purpose and impact of itself as a public services organisation. This is a success story that the political and managerial leadership of the Council are rightly proud of.

There is a clear and compelling vision for the city. The Council has produced a plan for the city over the next 20 years, known as the ‘Joint Local Plan’, which is ground breaking; having been developed with and owned by all core stakeholders across the city, who are acutely aware of the collective responsibilities required to support a population growth of 40,000 by 2034.

The Council is modernising and transforming, underpinned by our values. As part of this, it is exploring new and innovative solutions to achieve effective outcomes for its citizens, and the integration of health and social care across the city is very much at the centre of this. Likewise, the growth plans and emphasis on increasing the housing offer and support for businesses will make a significant contribution to the future of the city and the financial viability of the Council.

The delivery on regeneration, the compelling vision, the effective financial stewardship, strong external relationships and the highly respected leadership of the Council are all contributing to the realisation of tangible benefits across the city. These, coupled with the huge energy and commitment of the Council’s workforce, means that the City Council is in a strong position to address the challenges ahead that they and all of local government are facing.

Read more in The Plymouth Plan Annual Report 2021


The City Council

Plymouth is represented by 57 councillors covering the city’s 19 wards. Elections are currently held for three years out of four, with a third of seats being up for re-election each year.  Following the elections on 5 May 2022 the current political composition is:

  • Conservative – 29
  • Labour – 24
  • Independent – 2
  • Green – 2